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5S003 Under Restoration    (Updated: 1/27/14)

Transmission, Driveshaft, & Rear End

Bellhousing, August 1964 date code.

bellhousing   bellhousing

This is the earliest T-10 6-bolt main case known, dated K264 2, October 26, 1964. The door Ford tag on 5S003 has a presumed order date of October 26, 1964!

T-10 front case   T-10 front case

T-10 front case   T-10 front case

T-10 front case   T-10 front case

We know for a fact 5R002 ran with a cast iron transmission tail housing. Peter Brock said this may have came from the racing Cobras also running a cast iron tail housing since the aluminum ones cracked under the stress of racing. The first owner of 5S003 remembers in the summer of 1965 that 5S003 had an aluminum front T-10 case and a cast iron tailhousing. This may also be because the aluminum tail section had not be in production yet when 5S003 was being built at Shelby American in November of 1964. We have an early aluminum T-10 tail housing, but we will be following what the original owner of 5S003 remembers and stay with the case iron tail housing. This restored T-10 tail housing is dated August 18, 1964.

T-10 tail housing   T-10 tail housing

Inside the transmission a set of super rare NOS T-10M gears, extremely close tolerances.

T-10M NOS gears   T-10M NOS gears installed  

Transmission assembled...

Transmission assebmled   Transmission assebmled

Transmission assebmled   Transmission assebmled

Center section main case dated August 26, 1964, pinion housing dates are earlier, June 19, 1964. Note the two milled natural metal areas on the main case. Inside a set of NOS gears.

Differential   Differential

Differential   Differential gears

This is the original rear end housing in 5S003, it has been straighten from years of vintage racing and welding a panhard rod bracket on it. The factory production marks in the metal were preserved. This was the first fastback rear end along with 5R002 to get the traction bar mounting brackets welded to the housing at Shelby American, the welds were preserved. The housing is one shade of black, the traction bar brackets are slightly glossier, the areas where the welds occurred were burned to replicate the heat used in welding the traction bar brackets on. This areas was then treated to yet a third color of black, overspray landed where it did naturally. Perhaps ugly, but we are trying to replicate how they did it in 1964.

Rear end housing

Axles   Axles

4 hole per case Detroit Locker, early GT350 style, non silent type.

Detroit locker   Detroit locker

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