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1965 GT350 Mustang Literature and Memorabilia    (Updated: 7/13/21)

Some people own a GT350 Mustang for just the car itself. That's it. For whatever reason, I was instantly drawn to the factory literature, ads and memorabilia that were available when the GT350 was first introduced. It probably did not help knowing Howard Pardee and Rick Kopec, both avid collectors themselves. John Barnes and Richard Radtke have always been helpful in teaching me what was available in 1965 and more importantly how to distinguish a reproduction from an original piece of literature.

Thankfully some items are more difficult to reproduce, like the 1965 GT350 owners manual. Perhaps there was a shortage in printing of the manuals, but not all 1965 GT350's received owner's manuals. When Howard Pardee purchased 5S357 new, it did not have an owner's manual. When he inquired to Shelby American about getting a manual for his car, they sent him two 1966 manuals. 5S284 had remained untouched since 1970 until I saw it for the first time in 1998, the second place I looked on the car was the glove box, for the owner's manual, it was not there. The first and second owners did not ever remember seeing a manual when I provided them a copy of what one looked like. The original manuals for the 1965 GT350's are easy to spot, the front and rear covers fold out, however the rear fold out contains information about joining the GT350 Club offered through Shelby American (but was never formed). A majority of the manuals today have this section torn off, so only the front cover folds out.

A few promotional items pertaining to the 1965 GT350 Mustang were photographed below. Let me know if you have something to contribute or would like to see an item posted here. Thanks, Mark Hovander


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Images 5, 6 Images 6, 5 Image 7 Images 8, 11
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More photos to come shortly....

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