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1965 GT350 Owners Registration    (Updated: 10/22/19)

I am not attempting to find and register every 1965 GT350 built or follow each one as they change hands privately, sell at an auction, or through a national automobile publication. I thought this may be helpful if someone is looking at a car to purchase or currently owns a GT350 and would like to communicate with an individual who owns a car close to their serial number. This may be helpful if a person is trying to determine the properly dated sheetmetal for their car or acquire information as to how another car close to the one in question is set up. The idea of just posting an email address is beneficial for those who would rather keep their home address confidential. If you have a 1965 GT350 and are interested in this website as well as having your name listed here, feel free to contact me if you would like your name added below. I am not in the position to declare the cars listed below are authentic, but each car listed will have its Ford VIN verified between the current owner and SAAC. Mark Hovander

Shelby VIN Current Owner's Name Email Address
006 Bill Collins bcollins@bcfords.com
009 Paul Andrews themosttoyswins@aol.com
010 Dale Spahr DaleSpahr@aol.com
011 Buddy Belzer ebelzer@aol.com
020 Phil Schmidt  
022 Jim Lange sfm5022@aol.com
023 Rick Guyer GuyerIII1965@aol.com
025 Neil Madison SFM5025@hotmail.com
028 Dirk Gasterland dgasterland@couleebank.net
029 Bruce Kawaguchi goochman134@yahoo.com
048 Steve Forristall  
055 Steve Whitt steveshelbymustang@yahoo.com
061 Tony Conover tpconover@embarqmail.com
063 Don & Kathy McNeal mcnealkk@yahoo.com
071 Stan Simm ssimm@triad.rr.com
075 Hank LaPointe hank@computethisnm.com
078 Seth Sakamoto seth_sakamoto@yahoo.com
081 Randy State shelby@pathcom.com
094 R Fred Hilbert Fred_Hilbert@gmail.com
095 R Howard Pardee saachp@snet.net
105 R Paul Andrews themosttoyswins@aol.com
107 R Craig Conley conleyr107@sbcglobal.net
111 Craig Poundstone frdr812@aol.com
112 Chad Parrish scotch.brite@yahoo.com.au
116 George Mariotti dylkai@bigpond.com
120 Jay Leno  
124 Robert Faulkner rlfaulkner1@comcast.net
128 Jon Lee jonleewt@gmail.com
131 Rick Thompson rickmust@swbell.net
132 Jose Armario josearmario@gmail.com
147 Tony McLean a.mclean@myactv.net
152 Nolan G. Beck nolanbeck@msn.com
153 Jim Halsey Jim.L.Halsey@warnerbros.com
159 Mike Cavanaugh mcavanaugh@queencityelectric.net
162 Brant Halterman VaMustang@gmail.com
168 Ad Verkuijlen Ad.Verkuijlen@va-motorsport.com
172 Jim Vogel burgergt350@epix.net
181 Rob Beck rpbeck@hotmail.com
183 Roy Kaku roykaku@comcast.net
184 Connie Georgalos whistlingbomb@aol.com
186 Steve Pederson pedersonsr@msn.com
187 Marty Simonet mjsimonet@3m.com
189 Mike Martin mike@merchantrealty.occoxmail.com
195 Clyde Madsen clydemadsen@hotmail.com
196 Rich Williams autolite@optonline.net
198 Shaun Lowry slowry@jenatool.com
199 Mark Rudy mrudy@stny.rr.com
200 Mark Holecheck mbholecheck@msn.com
204 Charlie Major Cdmudd@aol.com
227 Paul Blackie paul@profloor.com.au
228 Martin Toland Mygt350@aol.com
235 Stéphane Favre cobra-line@bluewin.ch
236 Buddy Belzer ebelzer@aol.com
241 Chris Nosjean oldschooljack@hotmail.com
243 Gary Bartman gary_bartman@oilinwatermonitors.com
244 Rick Marks skid.marks@bigpond.com
248 Oskar Slingerland oskar.slingerland@gmail.com
259 Kerry Hoctor stationerguy@aol.com
274 Rick Marks skid.marks@bigpond.com
275 Bo Sewallius bosewallius@hotmail.com
281 Paul Fix pfix@classictube.com
282 Steve Bowman Contact: hov@blarg.net
287 Pete Chilberg pchil@earthlink.net
291 Bob Gaines bgaines@kc.rr.com
295 Dennis Murdoch DHMurdoch@adelphia.net
297 Craig Sherrer craig.sherrer@sympatico.ca
303 Craig Conley conleyr107@sbcglobal.net
313 Philip Hoffman gphoffman@xtra.co.nz
325 Dennis Mallum shelbyman@windstream.net
333 Bob Kenworthy bkenworthy@cammotors.com
337 Tom Harmon t.harmon@sbcglobal.net
349 Nick Sleep nick@sleepzakaria.co.uk
350 Howard Pardee saachp@snet.net
352 Bob Gaines bgaines@kc.rr.com
353 Lothar Breuers lothar1@telus.net
356 Lance Mallett lsmmallett@msn.com
357 Brian Riggs ohwowphlash@hotmail.com
361 Dave Riccitiello dave@gsbridge.com
367 John Kehm jkehm@live.com
369 Jeffrey Glass  
375 Jeremy Turner turnerjt63@comcast.net
376 Paul Fix pfix@classictube.com
377 Ken Walker dazzlingdad@juno.com
386 Bill Godwin bil5s386@juno.com
394 Gene Masuda genomas@aol.com
396 Dave Turner smtdlt110@yahoo.com
399 Ken Costella shelby1817@yahoo.com
400 Chad Parrish scotch.brite@yahoo.com.au
407 Craig Poundstone frdr812@aol.com
421 Richard O'Mara romara@qwest.net
424 Darek Stennes kerad63@gmail.com
426 Paul Dotson pgdotson@verizon.net
428 Craig Golz cbgolz@abe.midco.net
431 Jason Uhler gt350man@verizon.net
433 Bob Kenworthy bkenworthy@cammotors.com
437 Paul Fix pfix@classictube.com
442 Craig Conley conleyr107@sbcglobal.net
443 Steve Granitz steve.granitz@gmail.com
444 Mark Miller doublemyv@aol.com
457 Craig Klie fordman14@tds.net
464 Faren LeJeune flejeune@cfl.rr.com
467 Laurie Sellers laurie_sellers@icloud.com
470 Gail Rhoten Gailrhoten@aol.com
475 Tom Zgrodnik tez14623@gmail.com
483 John Turpit jturpit.merrillarch@gmail.com
486 Mike Marincovich starwarsmike@aol.com
492 Mark Sperduto mtsper@aol.com
493 Alvin Derksen amderksen@yahoo.com
494 John D. Meyers jdm308@aol.com
545 Deborah Bigelow 6t5gt350@gmail.com
550 Mike Nowak mnowak@wideopenwest.com
558 John Dimopoulos johnd@azurconsulting.co.uk

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