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1965 GT350 Cars and Parts For Sale / Wanted Ads:    (Updated: 11/13/13)

I am not sure how this area of this web site is going to work out, so we will see how it goes. The ads below will be restricted only to 1965 GT350's or 1965 Mustang related parts that may be used for a GT350 restoration. Only people that have a 1965 GT350 will be able to post their wanted ads. I initially wanted to set up this part of the web site for the parts wanted to bring 5S003 back to its original configuration. In the spirit of helping other 1965 GT350 owners look for the parts they need, it will be open to the other owners. Please, no part(s)-hoarding, let the people who need the part(s) be allowed to get the ones they need for their car. If you have a "For Sale" or "Wanted" ad, feel free to send it to me. Thanks, Mark Hovander

WANTED: For 5S457

Full set of five original 1965 GT350 Crager wheels with center caps, hardware, and all lug nuts
NOS Motorcraft Paxton supercharger air filter, part# S2MS-9601-A
1965 AMT Mustang model car with the Shelby options. Unbuilt and complete, AMT# 6155

Thanks, Craig Klie: fordman14@tds.net

WANTED: 1965 GT350

Wanted by honest hobbyist, not a profit-taker. I have wanted a Shelby Mustang since I was 10 years old in 1964. I am worried that if I don't buy a GT 350 fastback soon, they will blast out of my reach. PLEASE , somebody call me with a realisticaly priced car. It does not have to be perfect, but the better the car the more I will like it! Will pay a finder's fee also. Want to make a step up from my 1966 Mustang GT!

Please email at: allweather@yahoo.com or call 985-845-7033

Thanks, John Parnell

WANTED: For 5S055

Looking for two original magnesium 15 x 6 American Torq Thrust wheels to complete 5S055. I have a photo on my webpage of the wheels I am trying to match. I don't want the repo's as this car is not going to be driven.

Thanks for your help, Steve Whitt: steveshelbymustang@yahoo.com

FOR SALE: 65 GT350, 5S146

Autocross Race History, going back to 1967, Many wins in MidWest, Ready to compete, NOT much original stuff left, NOT a concours candidate, Price $195 K.

Pete Geisler: orlmust@aol.com,  407-688-1966

WANTED: For 5S494

Original owners manual, Detroit Locker manual, and any other correct literature wanted.

Thanks, John D. Meyers: jdm308@aol.com

WANTED: 1965 GT350

I've been thinking about diving into another restoration . Anybody know where there's a '65 GT350 that's in need of a restoration? I'd be interested in anything dead or alive as long as serial numbers are intact. Any leads would be appreciated...

Thanks, Wayne

WANTED: For 5S078

OK you guys, this 1965 GT350 owner has been looking everywhere and calling everyone for all those ORIGINAL "little" parts that are missing from my car. For all you skeptics, yes I do need them and no, I am not selling the car. 078 has been with me for 27 years! I'll keep it for 27 more, if I am still above ground.

While I wasn't there in 1964 / 65 as they built 078 in Venice, CA (I went by going to the beach) these parts were probably on the car when them left Shelby American. Remember, we are talking early 1965 GT350's and should never say "never". And I am the first one to state that I doubt that this is one of special cars, that you always hear about at a swap meet from a "Shelby" expert or read about on EBay. You know the story, "Shelby personally saw it in 1964 and gave his OK to make one this way" or "Chuck Cantwell wanted a special prototype to see what it looked like or Pete Brock couldn't make up his mind so they made one this way until he changed his mind."

So please help me and go up to the attic or for you southern guys, basement and look into those old boxes for this stuff. Hey, no telling what you may find. Ever seen "Antique Road Show"? Saw someone with an old picture found in the attic that was worth $25,000! Could be YOU! So don't wait.

So here it is in no particular order or price:

  The Original WHAT list The WHY list
16" steering wheel Cobra logo button. Missing when I bought the car. The seller said he last saw it when his son had drilled ¼" holes in the Cobra eyes and cut a slot in the tail. It seems that his son made a nice belt buckle out of it. Also, no success in finding a friendly 427 Cobra owner to part with a spare.
Dash mounted horn switch, long plastic toggle with metal ring. In 1969, the original owner broke off the factory one trying to hang his all brass peace symbol on it. Now, I'll never have peace of mind until I find another one.
Ray Brown seatbelt. Winged or ear type small chrome buckle. Have only 1. "Just 1". I know someone has my other 1 and is waiting to retire on it. Using an army surplus replacement dyed black just doesn't look right. Besides, it's missing those wonderful little winged buckles. Years of looking have found lots of pairs, but no one wants to sell "Just 1".
Negative black battery cable for trunk mounted battery. Has white "FORD-SX" lettering and stars. I am still kicking myself for taking off the original in 1980 and using it, because it fit, to start the ex-girlfriends 1977 Maverick. When she left, so went the cable. Thankfully the new girlfriend drives an import.
Any NOS interior or wiring parts. Why not!

Thanks in advance for any replies or contacts,
a 1965 GT350 owner


A 26 year collection of 65 Shelby parts must now be sold. Will beat any vendor's price.

Vendor Code: (B)= Branda (CR)= Cobra Restorers (CC)= Craig Conley (FL)= Finishline

1965-1966 Shelby GT350
Horn Toggle Switch, Lucas-$19. ($50. CC)
Re-issue Holley list # 3259 S1MS carburater-$795. ($950. 3259-1 Branda)
Mounting plate for above-$17. ($18. B)
Quick Steering Kit-$129. ($139.95 B)
Front Sway Bar Kit, 1 inch-$90. ($104.95 B)
Shelby Cobra Gas Cap, with cable-$58. ($69.95 B) (66 Shelby)
Hi-po Steel Alternator Pulley-$49. ($52.95 B)
Hi-po Choke Cable-$49 ($54.95 B)
Grille Emblem-$7. ($8.95 B)
Mounting hardware for above-$9. ($11.95 B)
Scuff Plate Label, pair-$12. my cost
R Model wheels Center Covers-$35. ($39.95 B)
GT350 Owners Manual-$12. my cost
Radiator Cap, looks NOS-$35. my cost

GT40 (real or replica)
Audi 016 5 speed transmission w/ new Quaife LSD-$1,900. ($2,800.) Have free shipping pallet, upgraded gear carrier casing support available online.
GT40 hat pin-$15.
GT40 key chain-$15.

Shelby American Employee badge # 049, late 1980's repro-$make offer ($480. Curt Vogt 9-07)
65-5 Car Cover-$95. ($164.95 B)
Carroll Shelby Chili Mix, early batch, #72396-10000-$15.
SB Valve Cover Spacers, O-Ring-$144. my cost
Original unrestored Competition Lap Belts, very good condition-$ Dated--------
Cobra Dealer Banner-$700. (Exact Reproduction)

Thank you!
Bill: bil5s386@juno.com


I have a couple of parts from 5S424 that are gathering dust and I don't think I will be using them anytime soon, they are as follows:

Original all aluminum T-10. Great condition, has been out of car for 15 years, all there, no linkage.

Original HiPo heads, have been off car for 10 years. No rockers but valves and springs, heads have been hot tanked.

Thanks, Darek Stennes: darekstennes@gmail.com

65/66 GT350 and 289 HiPo parts list

65/66 Shelby Goodies - original parts noted

-Cobra Lettered 6 bolt bellhousing - original. Restored with correct boot, side hook fork, new block plate $2200

-6 Bolt HiPo Block, standard bore but needs 2 sleeves $1200

-6 Bolt HiPo block. Hot tanked, steelebrated, checked for cracks, epoxy primered exterior, rough bored to +30, oiled and bagged, have one early 65 and one late 65 date coded $2000 crated FOB

-65 axle tube with correct override brackets $1500

-66 scalloped axle tube no brackets $1200

-65 GT350 drum to drum rear end, completely restored and concourse detailed! correct housing with override brackets, HiPo axles, 389 detroit locker. 5D date coded 3rd member housing. Machined bare bearing retainer, correct red oxide finishes and bare metal where necessary, HiPo pinion yolk, HiPo steel rebound plate with fine thread stud bumper, 49294/5 kelsey Hayes backing plates, kelsey Hayes drums, metallic DS11 velvet Touch 2½ inch shoes, small bleeder brake cylinders, correct KH e brake hardware, oem finish steel brake line, new flex line breather, concours correct - inside and out! ready to bolt in! $4995 crated and ready to ship! FOB Green Bay

-65/66 HiPo Axles - maganafluxed, machine trued face, phosphate studs, new premium bearings ready to install $550

-65/66 3rd member - 3.89 Detroit Locker, early 65 date coded Fresh setup and detail $1200

-NOS Control arms- show detailed, includes (2) uppers and (2) lowers, ready to install! $2000

-65/66 Coil spring seat - restored using rust free western original saddles $300 pr.

-65/66 Brake drums - fresh concourse restored $600 pr.

-65/66 Rear brake backing plates, restored correct KH #s Have a pair of early 65s and late 66/67 plates available from Arizona -all restored $500 pr.

-65/66 driveshaft - complete with correct slip yolk, bare metal tube, stamped weights, proper striping $950

-66 T10B cast iron close ratio, late Gt350, totally restored, racing synchros, premium bearings, $3500

-65/66 T 10 M alloy transmission, brand new alloy main case and tailshaft housing, racing synchros, premium bearings, brand new nickel close ratio gears 2.36 ratio, Includes concourse restored shifter assembly, ready to install $7500

-65 early chromed handle shifter assembly, complete with restored-reshimmed, replated control box, bare metal rods, cad plated levers, reshimmed, complete ready to install! $750

-66 late shifter assembly $695-Override bars m 1 ends $250 pr.

-Override rebound bumper relocation Bracket $95 pr.

-Axle limiting cable kit with forged eyebolts $50 NOS Short Forged seat belt eyebolts $25 EACH

-Ray Brown seat belts, restored correct short floor hooks $1100 (2) beltsImpact seat belts, correct later long hook versions, restored $1100 (2) belts

-T10M new limited production aluminum main case $1500

-T10M new limited production aluminum tailshaft housing $1500

-HiPo GT350 R-Model full race damper, fully degreed $800

-HiPo balancer new $250 -HiPo Fan original restored $750

-Used original steel framed Hood - needs major redo $500

-GT350 script for 65 fenders $50 DEAD ON!

-Fastback door window frames, polished, ready for glass $500 pr. Or with new dated script glass installed $900 pr.

-Repro R-Model rollbar $300 -Front Brake Calipers - concourse correct plated - machined bare metal, all new seals, pistons, transfer tubes $550 pr.

-Rear segmented 2 ½ INCH brake shoes - full metallic DS11 compound $250 set

-Tri-Y Headers - as close to NOS as you can get. A little background history on our headers. We tried all the repo headers out there, you know, the ones that go for between $99 and $179. Talk about garbage.This was the type of part that gave reproduction parts the typical bad rap or what Bob Perkins calls Gyppo parts . I finally got fed up and took my original set of headers off my 65 GT350 and had a real custom old school header fabricator make them like they did in 1965. They made a steel fixture to make sure each set is replicated the same way. I had the flanges made to the correct thickness and beveled edge and also had the 3 bolt collector flanges made to the correct shape. The tubes are mandrel bent to original specs using the same gauge steel and miter cut to the original shape to weld . They are welded the same way they did it on the original set. Once completed on the jig, each bolt hole is clearanced to make sure you can use a 6 point box wrench on each header bolt. Lastly they are shot blasted to get rid of any imperfections and jet coated a semi gloss satin finished. These are extremely labor intensive parts to make with about 2 days labor invested in each set. The guy that makes them can only supply about 15 sets a year as they are such a small order and he makes them when he has time. They trickle in about 2 sets every other month so It's rare when I have an extra set in stock. ANY OTHER QUESTIONS GIVE US A CALL, 920-434-3645

-Front Disc brake Spindles - concourse detailed $400 Pr.

-Front disc brake corners- all assembled! All concourse restored! Includes spindle, plant style dog tooth rotors, 65/66 style backing plate, all correct mounting bolts, brake calipers plated outer half, caliper mounts, metallic pads, pad retainers, bearings seals. Grease and grease cap - All original restored Ford parts except DS11 pads. Ready to install all in one piece! $2000 pr. right and left!

-Metallic brake pads $60 set

-65 Carb to pump line $15

-66 carb to pump line for 715 $25 brand new part!

-66/67 carb to fuel pump brass 1 inch hex adaptor $40

-65 Oil line block adaptor $60

-65 Braided oil line $75

-HiPo 289/Boss 302 replacement premium McLeod clutch kit, Long pressure plate, Carbon Kevlar disc. Premium throwout bearing $400

-NOS PCV Valve $75

-65 HiPo engine mounts - complete set restored with new intermediate plates $1000

-65 hipo mounts intermediate plates with stud $195 pr.

-65 Trunk mount battery kit $350

-Email me for best quality reproduction fiberglass parts!

-American Racing Torquethrust D 15 x 7 wheels, fully polished outer rim $850 set/4 -Cragar wheel center caps - correct white painted and black race track $400 set

-Fastback door window frames, polished, ready for glass $400 pr. Or with new dated script glass installed $850 pr.

-Original 10 spoke wheel, fully restored, looks better than NOS $1000 bare or mounted with brand new correct Blue Streak $1395 shipped.

-Late 65/early 66 Steel framed hood - needs attention $500

-R model rear window kits, plexiglass, frames and mounting hardware $750

-Override relocation brackets $95

-Overrider axle brackets - concours type welded like originals with same gauge steel $85 pr.

-Override bars M1 ends $250 pr.

-Koni Lower shock bell shaped rubber boot $60 pr. Ready late March

-Koni Shock bolts new - $60 set, ready late Feb

-65/66 driveshaft - complete with correct slip yolk, bare metal tube, stamped weights, proper striping and date coding. $950

-65 HiPo heads C5OE 4H3 dated Ported, swirl polished stainless valves, correct early large nut studs, comp cams springs retainers, keepers. Fresh face on exhaust and block side, ready to install! $2200

-65 HiPo Heads C5OE 4J16 Bone stock unported! Maganafluxed. Bead blasted to bare metal, epoxy coated exterior. Oiled $1500 bare! Or $2000 fresh same as above!

-66 HiPo Heads C5OE 6B Bone stock unported! $1500 bare! Same deal as above!

-NOS 289 fuel pump camshaft eccentric $40

-65 HCC-AX Steering box 5A14 Tag restored bare metal machine surfaces, machined re-profiled worm gear. New bearings seals color coded $550

-66 HCC-AX Steering Box see above Choice of 5H23 or 6C29 $550

-Cragar /66 10 spoke lugs $100 set

-Buddy Bar Valve covers - completely restored $600 pr.

-65/66 Alternator restored old style $250

-R-Model Tall breather valve covers $400 correct zinc plated with Cobra decals! With new black caps and concourse Fomoco decals $425

-289 HiPo air cleaner decals - concours quality limited run made using NOS for camera ready artwork, correct colors, correct C5 part number, clear overlay like originals, also have correct straight autolite decal for 65 and curved for 66 $40 set!

Jim: 920-434-3645, jim@shelbyparts.com


  • 1965-1966 NOS Fastback Quarter Panels - $4200/Pair. Prefer pick-up (Northern NJ) but I can crate them for a fee. Also willing to drive them within 50 miles. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the buyer.

  • Set of 6 Brand New Autolite Battery Caps (YELLOW) - $75.

Thanks, Rich Williams (5S196): autolite@optonline.net
Cell: 973-879-7070

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