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5S003 Under Restoration    (Updated: 8/9/13)

Special Thanks

Special thanks, in alphabetical order, of some of the people who have helped me in the restoration of 5S003. It could be in the form of providing parts, leads for parts, knowledge, advice, restoration on parts of the car or trying to improve my mental health when it comes to this endeavor.

I appreciate all your help,

Mark Hovander

Alternative Blasters - Jason
John Atzbach
Fred Ballard
Dave Bliss - motor
Steve Bowman
Peter Brock
John Brown - Thoroughbred Restorations
Buckeye Restorations
Chuck Cantwell
Dan Case
Craig Conley - Paradise Wheels
Jim Cowles - Shelby Parts and Restoration
Bill Erickson - transmission
Robbie Estes - Action Machine
Donald Farr - Mustang Monthly
Bob Gaines
Mark Gucker
Brant Halterman - Virginia Classic Mustang
Bill Heinson
Cory Hitchcock
Michael Holmes
Craig Johnson
Dale Knutson - body and paint
Rick Kopec
Dave Lennartz
Dave Mackey - bodywork
Dave McDonald
Lisa Michaelson
Bill Moir
Jerry Moss
Craig Olson
Howard Pardee
Hans Pederson
Bob Perkins
Del Proudfit
Dick Roush
Jeff Speegle
Derek Stennes
Charles Turner
Curt Vogt - Cobra Automotive
Lee Wolmsley - FastbackStack.com

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