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5S003 Under Restoration    (Updated: 8/9/13)

Parts wanted for 5S003, nice used, or NOS:

Side window glass for fastback, dated before November 1964.

Good used early carpet (1964 to early 1965 with serged edges) for Mustang fastback or at least the original driver's heal pad.

Heater hoses for HiPo 289.

Original HiPo 289 fan belt.

NOS glove box insert.

Chrome HiPo radiator cap, Pat.# 2,582,209, chrome rivet in center.

Used 1964-1/2 - 1965 Autolite battery, group 22, non-reverse post.

Original Negative ground battery cable, C4 part number.

Upper original radiator hoses with alligator texture.

Upper radiator hose clamps dated before November, 1964.

Original Tri-Y headers, one or two.

Ground strap from firewall to rear passenger side head of motor, FDA-14303-A SX FoMoCo.

Original rubber grommets for body, round/oval in shape, etc.

Original GT350 driveshaft safety loop.

Alternator pulley for HiPo 289 with straight -C part number.

Original 1964 San Jose style bolts for fan spacer, intake, water pump, timing chain cover, flywheel, bellhousing, oil pump, distributor, carb, balancer, dampner, pulleys, alternator bracket etc.

White FoMoCo script Tung Sol headlights.

Proper dipstick and tube for August, 1964 HiPo 289 motor.

Very nice chrome louvers/vent sliders for interior rear air extractor and the panel, may purchase as a complete set if needed.

Rear leaf springs or just the smallest leaf. C4ZA-5556-S part number, first set of digits may have 1,2 or 3 numbers, the next separate number has to be a "4".

Original 289 spark plug wires saying "Radio Resistance" FoMoCo boots.

Original Two (2) override traction bar nuts and "NAP" bolts.

Interior rear view mirror (have NOS one, condition 9 out of 10) need main stantion (base) also.

Rubber bumpers (2) for inside of fastback behind fiberglass panels corners when removed.

Quarter panel drain plugs.

Passenger (R) side stainless steel piece which goes around exterior door opening. The rubber weatherstripping fits into this, may be interested in drivers one too.

Black original 1965 style kick panels.

Glove box liner screws, need 4.

Rubber door bumpers.

Trunk weatherstripping seal, used, original or -A part number NOS.

Black molding for seam of body/door long black crimped material from body/dash to back of door jamb.

Nice cross member below oil pan.

Rear tail light wiring harness.

6 bolts for headlight buckets to front fenders.

Complete ashtray and its mounting bracket if mint.

One metal oval floor pan drain plug and factory screws (8).

2 short ground wires that connect the courtesy lights on the side, rear fiberglass panels to the body of the car. C5 part #.

Fender splash shields with original material?? 2 per side of car.

Front bumper extensions off of frame rail and 45 degree angled bracket and the mounting bolts, crimped together from the factory.

Thanks for your help!

Contact Mark Hovander at:

Work - 206-633-2000
Cell - 425-218-2769
Home email: hov@blarg.net
Work email: universityvision@gmail.com

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